Rick Simpson Oil – How Rick Simpson Rediscovered the Natural Cure for Cancer

Rick Simpson Oil – Natural Cure for Cancer Rediscovered

If you’ve ever heard of marijuana used for medical purposes, than you’ve definitely heard of Rick Simpson – the world-famous miracle man from Canada who reinvented cannabis oil.

This offered people a cure for all kinds of diseases, including cancer.

Rick Simpson, driven by personal experience with disease and pain, stood bravely against skeptics, doctors and legal authorities who prohibit the use of such oil in Canada.
First, he cured himself, and then he offered the oil to other people in his community for free.

The results were astonishing.

People who used the oil as recommend by Rick Simpson ended up feeling better, completely cured from serious diseases and even cancer free.
The number of such people grows bigger and bigger every day since the release of the documentary “Run from the Cure”, a film which tells the story of the Rick Simpson Oil and the people his oil has cured.

The Rick Simpson oil, also known as Phoenix Tears or RSO, is a type of cannabis oil, which is decarboxylated and contains a high level of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).
He grew the plants himself and extracted the medicinal oil. But in order to understand the cure, you have to know the story behind the man who discovered it.


The Rick Simpson Story – How it all started

Rick Simpson was born in 1949 in Nova Scotia, Canada. The first person he ever knew who was sick and died from cancer was his close cousin Dave. At the time, this was a rare disease and people didn’t know much about it, but Rick remembered the suffering his 25-year-old cousin went through.

The loss of his cousin because of this terrible disease left a stain in his memory.

“My cousin was more like a brother to me, we grew up together in the country, we knew each other intimately”, says Rick in an interview posted in 2013.

Years later, as the number of cancer patients grew, Rick accidentally heard about a medical research in Virginia which showed that THC from cannabis plants reduces and even kills cancerous cells. But at the time that sounded weird even to him.

That was the first time he had ever heard or marijuana having any influence on cancer.

In 1997, while working in All Saints Springhill Hospital, he suffered a serious head injury and was left with post-concussion syndrome. The ringing sound in his head, the trouble sleeping, and the balance issues – none of the prescribed pills helped him with these symptoms.

Since “desperate times call for desperate measures”, he decided to smoke marijuana and see what happens. Surprisingly enough, he felt better than with any of the pills he was taking. After realizing that, he tried getting a prescription for medical marijuana from his doctors, but no one agreed to give him one.

Extracting the Cannabis Oil

Rick Simpson got the idea about making the oil in 2001 and he was really unsure of the effects it would have on a person’s body system.

“Now, I didn’t really know anything about what the cannabis oil would do… I was very afraid of this substance in the beginning”, says Rick in the 2013 interview.

He started growing his own plants for producing cannabis oil and ingested it orally in very small quantities. In a short period of time, he started feeling better: he slept better, his arthritis almost disappeared, and he lost a reasonable amount of weight.


Rick Simpson Oil Cures Skin Cancer

In 2002, he found three suspicious spots on his neck and face which later proved to be a bad diagnosis: basal cell carcinoma.

After the operation and removal of the spots in 2003, he decided to use the oil on two of the spots, hoping they would heal faster. However, he didn’t have great hopes for this oil curing his cancerous spots since it didn’t make sense: if this was the cure for cancer, how come no one has ever confirmed its effect?

So, he applied the cannabis oil on bandages and left them on for four days. When he took them out – healed, pink skin was underneath.

People though he was insane and laughed at him when he shared his discovery.

After four weeks, the worst spot on his face which was surgically removed came back and he applied cannabis oil there as well.

By the time he got the pathology report, the spot had already healed.

At the doctor’s office, he witnessed the most unbelievable reaction from the doctor and his assistant when he explained how he cured his own cancer. The surprising thing for Rick Simpson was how disinterested, and even irritated doctors were when they heard what happened.

After this experience, word went around very quickly and he started giving out the cannabis oil to people for different medical conditions – and it all worked!

Rick Simpson Oil – How Rick Simpson Rediscovered the Natural Cure for Cancer

Raising Awareness about the Cancer Cure

In 2003, Rick Simpson started a campaign and tried to alert the authorities about this natural cure.

No one, not one single institution responded.
He went to political parties, cancer society, even reached out to the UN, but no one would listen.

Since the requirement for Rick Simpson Oil grew bigger and bigger, the growing of plants and the production of oil became a community effort.

In 2005, Rick Simpson contacted the president of the Maccan Legion, Rick Dwyer, who had already heard about the oil and the powers it had.
Everything was out in the open: everyone, including the police, was invited to investigate and research the magical cure which helped so many people.

Rick Simpson had nothing to hide and expected nothing but support. That same year, the police raided his property and the court actually prosecuted him. The Royal Canadian Legion shut down the Maccan Legion on the day when all the authorities were invited to a public meeting to discuss the cure.

Rick Simpson Charged and Found Guilty

According to the RC Legion, there were no laws which made the production of cannabis oil legal.

As absurd as it may sound, after two more raids, Rick Simpson was charged with trafficking, possession and cultivation of illegal drugs. Rick Simpson was found guilty, but didn’t do any prison time.

In an interview from 2013, Rick Dwyer stands utterly disappointed in the Canadian government and disgusted at how people can pretend to be so blind and ignorant to a natural cure which can save so many lives worldwide. “You’d have to be a complete imbecile to think that if this man is some kind of criminal, or what they’re trying to make him out to be, would be going all over Cumberland County contacting politicians, contacting medical people…he didn’t hide anything…”, says Rick Dwyer in disappointment.

Fighting for a Good Cause – The Road to Making Rick Simpson Oil Legal

Rick Simpson’s story doesn’t end there. In fact, it only marks the beginning of his cause.
The Rick Simpson Oil website offers you all the necessary information on how to produce the oil by yourselves.

The website also contains testimonials by people whose lives have been improved and saved by the Rick Simpson Oil. According to the website and his official Facebook Page, Rick Simpson states that he doesn’t live in Canada since 2013 and is not allowed to live in the US because of the charges he faced in Canada.

Now he lives and fights for his cause in Europe, where he hopes to find the support and the chance to help sick people around the world.


I want people to know how to heal themselves.” 

~ Rick Simpson

Rick Simpson Oil and THC

The Rick Simpson oil is extracted from the cannabis plant, more specifically from the Cannabis Indica strain.
Cannabis is, in fact, the recreational and medical plant with big cannabinoid-laden flowers and small amounts of fiber. That means that it contains high levels of THC (up to 50-60%) and low levels of CBD (10-15%).

THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is the psychoactive compound of cannabis. This is the compound that causes the “high” from smoking marihuana.

However, in order to work as medicine, THC is most effective in oil extracts which are ingested orally. When used in small dosage, the extracted oil does not cause dizziness or any other serious side effects. It may cause sleepiness when taken in larger dosage.

The THC component actually attacks the cancer cells and protects the healthy cells. The high levels of THC is what makes the Rick Simpson Oil such a powerful weapon against cancers and protector of health.

Since THC is illegal, today there isn’t a definite list of the numerous ways in which it can be helpful to people. The most reliable source of information are people from all around the world who have tried the Rick Simpson oil and who share their personal experience online.

Based on user’s information, here are some of the medical conditions that Rick Simpson oil can be used for:

  • Pain (joint pain, muscle pain, back pain, migraine headaches)
  • Lung cancer
  • Skin cancer (melanoma)
  • Diabetes
  • Glaucoma
  • Burns
  • Ulcers
  • Asthma
  • Insomnia
  • Scar tissue
  • Infections
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Regulates weight

Existing and ongoing clinical trials regarding cannabis and THC have proven or are aim to prove the various positive effects of this natural medicine.

A huge number of clinical trials and results can be found on Phoenix Tears Foundation or the Zamnesia website.

Recommended Dosage of Rick Simpson Oil

Rick Simpson recommends usage of 60 grams of oil within a period of 90 days. The dosage may be increased (up to 120-180g) for the more aggressive diseases.

In the beginning of the treatment, Rick advises patients to start with small doses of oil (the size of a rice grain) ingested three times a day, and this dosage can be doubled every four days later on in the treatment period.
After five weeks, patients are advised to take up to 1g per day.

More detailed instructions on the production and usage of Rick Simpson oil can be found on his official website.

Rick Simpson Oil – How Rick Simpson Rediscovered the Natural Cure for Cancer

Rick Simpson Oil and CBD Hemp oil: The Difference

These two oils are different due to the different levels of THC which can be found in both oils. Therefore, they can be used for the treatment of different diseases and conditions.


CBD or Cannabidiol is the non-psychoactive component in cannabis. Both CBD oil, also called CBD hemp oil and Rick Simpson oil come from the same basic (cannabis) plant.

Unlike the Rick Simpson oil, CBD oil contains very low levels of THC and can be used for different types of diseases, primarily for its antipsychotic effect.
Also, the low levels of THC is what makes CBD legal in most countries around the World

CBD oil has the following properties:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anticonvulsant
  • Anti-oxidant
  • Anti-emetic
  • Anxiolytic
  • Antipsychotic

Since studies show that CBD reduces the effect of THC, people who are uncomfortable with the high of THC prefer the CBD hemp oil.

Even though CBD has been long known to have extremely good effects on various medical conditions, it got national attention with the CNN Special Documentary, where Dr. Sanjay Gupta tells the story of 5-year-old Charlotte Figi who suffered from the rare Dravet’s syndrome.

The girl’s condition improved significantly by oral ingestion of CBD-rich extract: from 300 epileptic seizures a week she improved to only one seizure a week.

In 2015, FDA eased on the requirements for clinical trials on CBD, which allows researchers to prove all the possible ways in which CBD can help people.

CBD clinical trials show that it may have positive effects on treating the following conditions:

  • Neuroinflammation
  • Epilepsy
  • Oxidative injury
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Anxiety
  • Schizophrenia
  • Diabetes
  • PTSD
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Cancer … and many more.

CBD Oil Dosage

The dosage of CBD oil depends on the disease as well as on the concentration and forms in which it can be found. It also varies from person to person, so the best way is to start with small amounts and gradually adjust them.

Although the numerous ongoing clinical trials have yet to determine the “right CBD dosage” for different health issues one might face, there is a huge amount of information out there. Real people trying CBD oil as well as THC oil and dosage is well known. However if you are not sure and have questions just send us an email to: support@curedbynature.org – we love to help.

Taking a Stand for Natural Cures

The world of corrupt governments and ridiculous laws made for profits is not a friendly place for people who discover and give away free cures for cancer. It seems that today, the most difficult thing to accomplish is to help someone.
As it turns out, there are more people trying to profit from disease than there are people actually trying to cure it.

Think about it: what would a cure for cancer, which can be grown in your back yard, mean for the drug industry in the world?

The world drug industry supported by governments would collapse and go bankrupt, which apparently is worse than letting people die every single day.

The number of deaths and new cases of cancer discovered every day are devastating. According to cancer statistics, 1,685,210 new cases will be diagnosed and 595,690 people will die in the USA aloneI wonder how many people have to die before the world decides to stop playing dumb and explore all possible options in fighting this terrifying disease.

Rick Simpson continuously fights for what he believes in – natural cures for cancer – and travels all around the world searching for supporters.
He single-handedly beat the government restrictions by making the recipe for this miraculous cure public. Not only is he a prophet for the cannabis oil he rediscovered, but he also stands for the natural cures in general. This also shows that not everyone in this world is looking for a personal gain from someone’s misery and pain.

After seeing the documentary, many ignorant people have opened their eyes. The number of lives Rick Simpson Oil and cannabis oils in general have saved speaks for itself.

If you have any doubts yourselves, don’t hesitate to watch the documentary. It might change your life.

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Rick Simpson Oil – How Rick Simpson Rediscovered the Natural Cure for Cancer
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