CBD is Not Working For You? – Here are Top 5 Reasons Why And How To Change That

As more and more people use CBD this question seems to pop up more and more: “CBD is Not Working For Me. Why?”

So the answer to the Question Why CBD Might Not be Working For You has a few components. Let’s break it down:

1) CBD is Not Working because you have no idea who you are buying your CBD from?

This is the absolute Number one reason Why CBD is Not Working For You

When you check out that brand’s website, can you find real people there? Owners that actually show their face. It’s amazing to me how many website have generic stock photos showing happy photo models.  But their about us page shows no faces. You buy from them, and find out the CBD doesn’t seem to work. It’s possible there was not much (if any) CBD in that product. 
So make sure you’re buying from a company with real faces behind it.

What else you can do, just to double check if they are real. Send them an email. See how fast they reply and if they reply at all.
Ask them to give you a call. If they check to all of the above, you can be sure they are the real deal.

Here I have to mention the infamous Lab Test for that CBD you are going to buy. You will hear all over internet “make sure they have their lab test published on the website”. Let me tell you the truth! That’s really not a good reason to buy if the stuff that I’ve mentioned above is not there. Why? Well, Lab tests can be made with Photoshop in only a few minutes. So that’s not really reliable. What’s reliable is that you are dealing with a brand with real people behind it!

2) CBD is Not Working because Your dosage is not correct!

CBD dosage is the number two reason Why CBD is Not Working For You. You might not be taking enough CBD.

You are cautious, I understand. This may be the first time you’re tried CBD. It’s cannabis. You wanna be careful. You maybe think “if I take too much, maybe I’ll be sky high and jump of a building or something or maybe you are afraid of something simple like just being sick in your stomach.

About “overdosing” you have to know this: 
No one ever overdosed with cannabis, much less with CBD. And even the Full Spectrum CBD products that do contain small amounts of THC (the component that gets you high), it’s not enough to actually get you high. If the CBD is not working for you we recommend you “dose up” a little faster to find the dose that will work for you. You can always cut back later.
So start with a few drops before sleep and up the dose slightly every day. Than add a small dose in the morning and at launch. And as days go by go up with the dose for all 3 times during the day. 
Shouldn be more than about 2-3 weeks for you to find your sweet spot CBD dosage!

3) CBD is Not Working because You’re Missing Out on the Entourage Effect

The next Reason Why CBD is Not Working For You is the so called Entourage Effect that you just might be missing out on. 

Let me explain what the Entourage Effect is:

it’s when combined components give you a multiplied effect compared to each component by it self. So with CBD it means that you have to know if you have a product made with a CBD isolate or a product made with a Full Spectrum CBD. Only the Full Spectrum CBD product will have the Entourage Effect in your body.
If the product is made with CBD isolate, than it only has one cannabis component in it . the CBD or cannabidiol molecule. So there are no other components to work with the CBD molecule.

Products made with Full Spectrum CBD on the other hand have the CBD molecule and also other components from the cannabis plant that create a synergistic effect that makes it work way better. And this synergistic effect is called the Entourage Effect.

4) CBD is Not Working because it Needs Time

Next reason Why CBD is Not Working For You is Time.

How much time did you give CBD to kick in?

I’ve seen people have fantastic results after the first drop of CBD. On the other hand some of our customers have seen results only after about 2 months. 
Now I’ll be honest with you – if it was me, I don’t think I would persist for that long. I mean I’d probably quit in two weeks. But hey I have a customer, a gentleman named Steve Alexander. He is a Vietnam Veteran that had to deal with a lot of pain because of his back injury in an landmine explosion. And he’s got some Phenomenal results with Full Specturm CBD. But it took more than 2 months for CBD to kick in for him. Amazing.

But let me explain the time component so you actually know what’s going on.

Our body has a system called an Endocannabinoid system. Meaning our body makes its own cannabinoids. But we are all different and have different lifestyles. With some people this Endocannabinoid System works better than with others. After you start supplementing it with Full Spectrum CBD it can take some time for the Endocannabinoid System to build up and start working properly. That’s it. 
So if CBD is not working for you after the first few drops hang in there. You might be surprised what can happen in a little while.

5) What Are Your Expectations About CBD?

The next reason Why CBD is Not Working For You is Your Epectations.

This is closely related to time component but there’s also more. So we’ve covered “the time component” in the reason number four. Now let’s look what else might be hiding under Your Expectations About CBD.

This is more of a holistic approach. Meaning, you have an issue – it might be pain, anxiety, stress or even cancer. Now, beside CBD, what else are you doing to regain your health? Look, I don’t know how big of a health challenge you are facing. It might be just a migraine headache once every 6 months. Or it might be a constant pain or even cancer. In any case you wish to regain your health, right? Not just half of your health, You’d prefer to be 100% healthy, right?

Than I suggest you consider all the things you CAN DO to help your body and mind get there as fast as possible.

  • Do you smoke? You should quit!
  • Do you drink alcohol? Stop! Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard all about that glass of fine red vine being healthy giving you antioxidants, blah, blah. Stop! Get your antioxidants from green vegetables instead!
  • Do you exercise daily? Anything to get the blood pumping faster?
  • Do you do any breathing exercises?
  • And there’s a ton of other things that are available for you and don’t cost any money, that’s right, they are absolutely free,.. that you should consider implementing into your lifestyle. Things that will become part of your everyday routine. A habit. Not something you will do only for a while.

Let’s get back to your Expectations about CBD.

You’ve heard phenomenal things about CBD, but don’t expect to take a drop of CBD and all your health problems will instantly go away. You have to go all in. Start taking CBD so you will build your Endocannabinoid System up, but also take on other things that will support the betterment of your health. Things that will help your Endocannabinoid system create balance in your body and mind faster.

So let’s recap:

The main reasons CBD is Not Working For You:

1) Do you know who you are buying your CBD from?

They might be selling you a bad product because it’s a phoney company and a phoney website.

2) Your dosage is not correct!

Start taking a bit more CBD every day so you can find the dose that works for you.

3) You’re Missing Out on the Entourage Effect

We highly recommend a Full Spectrum CBD product

4) Give it More Time

Maybe with some people the first drop of CBD get’s them instant results. But not with you. So give it some time to kick in.

5) Your expectations

Do you expect CBD to be the magic remedy for all your health problems so no need to change anything else. Or,.. do you want to take charge of your life? So start taking CBD but also change other things in your lifestyle that may not be best for you. Like healthy diet and daily exercise?

You have to make a choice!
I encourage you to choose health all the way!

About the Author

CBD is Not Working For You? - Here are Top 5 Reasons Why And How To Change That
Matt Hrovatt

Matt Hrovatt

Matt is an inventor. He loves to create new products and loves to help people looking to help themselves. He's always working to improve and grow. Together with Ally, he's also a family man and a proud father of Nik, Naj, Tristan, and Rubi. Matt is a filmmaker by heart so he's always shooting videos with his kids. He's also very passionate about natural health.

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