CBD Dosage Guideline – How much CBD oil should I take?

I get this question all the time: How much CBD oil should I take? What’s the perfect CBD Dosage?

Although to start with you should start without complicating things simpy with very small dosage 3 to 5 times a day. That is called CBD microdosing and it keeps a small but steady CBD level in your body.

To go a little bit into depth about CBD Dosage you need to understand what factors play a role:

  • Your age 
  • Your weight
  • Have you ever used cannabis in any form before
  • What is the strength of the CBD product you are about to take
  • Is your CBD product a so called Full Spectrum CBD product (meaning it has all the cannabinoids including traces amounts of THC) or is it made with a so called CBD isolate (meaning it only contains CBD and no other cannabinoids)
  • BTW,… we do recommend the full spectrum CBD oil – it’s proven to work much better compared to the CBD isolate!
  • The health condition you want to treat
  • So you have all these factors. But what you are looking for is a general guideline. A dosage recommendation that will be perfect to follow no matter the circumstances.

Universal CBD Dosage Guide

Let’s call it the Universal CBD Dosage Guide or Rule for any health condition really:

  • Start taking a small dosage before sleep. We are talking just 3 drops if it’s a 4% CBD oil And if it’s a concentrated CBD extract also known as paste,.. go with only a half of a rice grain before sleep.
  • Do this for the next 3-5 days.
  • Next slowly start to increase the dosage by small amounts every 2-3 days. Still taking it just before sleep.
  • After about 10 days start taking the same dosage that you started with on day 1 before sleep,.. Now take that dosage in the morning.
  • Again after about 3 days start increasing the morning dosage as well as the evening dose.
  • After another 10 days or so start taking that initial dosage during the day as well. At about launch time.
  • Again after about 3 days start increasing the launch dosage along with slowly increasing morning and evening dose.

To recap:

  • You start taking 3 drops in the evening, before sleep and slowly increase.
  • After 7 days you add a small morning dose and slowly increase everything
  • Again after 7 days you add a launch dose and again slowly increase everything.
  • This CBD osage regime goes towards what is called microdosing and within about three weeks you will come to a microdosing regime that will keep the CBD levels in your body at an almost constant level. So the idea of microdosing is just that – keep the CBD levels in your body at a constant level.

At what CBD Dosage do I stop increasing it?

The beauty of this CBD protocol is that it will help you increase the dosage slow enough so you can find the dosage that works for you. As soon as you get to a CBD dosage that you see making the difference you were looking for, this is the dosage you stay with.

Whatever CBD product, whatever the strength – with just a little bit of time this process will help you find the perfect dosage that works for you. Listen closely to your body

Do I stay with this CBD Dosage forever?

Not at all.
By now you probably know about the Endocannabisnoid system in our body that all humans and all memals have. It’s a system that regulates all other systems in our body that help us be in balance. And that mean balanced body as well as mind.

By suplementing our body with cannabinoids we help the Endocannabisnoid system in our body become stronger. After a few months we can stop taking CBD for a week and give our body a chance to “stand on it’s own”. The production of cannabinoids in your body will increase and your Endocannabisnoid system will be working better.

After that you can do another round of CBD, but this time with a lower dosage. Again finding that perfect CBD dosage that’s working. You will most likely see the effects at a lower dosage.

I have tried different CBD dosages, but nothing seems to work for me.

There might be a few reasons for that:

1. Do you have a quality CBD product?

A lot of CBD products on the market are made with CBD isolate. It means that out of all the phenomenal things that get extracted from the cannabis plant only CBD is further isolated and than added to the end product (CBD oils, CBD edibles, CBD topicals, etc)

There is a lot of debate about what works best but the research as well as testimonials from the users are on the same page – Full Spectrum CBD products have the most effect. You should make sure the CBD products that you are buying are made with Full Spectrum CBD. This simply means that when they extract CBD from the plants flowers everything that get’s extracted will be added into the final product.
Plants components work synergistically and have a multiplied effect. This phenomena is called the Entourage Effect.
It’s like one horse call pull a 1000 pounds load, the other horse can pull a 1000 pounds load but together they can pull a 3000 pounds load.

2. What about your Lifestyle? Do you have a healthy Lifestyle?

This is another BIG component! We are mostly looking for an instant solution to any problem. And with health we’ve been conditioned that we take a pill and the headache goes away. Forget about the cause. Headache is gone so nothing to worry.
Reality is a little bit different. If I want things in my life to change, I have to change things in my life. And healthy lifestyle is above all when it comes to health! Now I’m not gonna preach about what healthy lifestyle is, because you already know. The question is are you going to do what you know? 

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CBD Dosage Guideline - How much CBD oil should I take?
Matt Hrovatt

Matt Hrovatt

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