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“I chose to order the CBD oil from Matt and Ally hoping it would help my son. It has made an amazing difference.”

MELANIE, Colorado, US

My son had joined a methadone clinic to overcome an opiate addiction. The methadone was making him sick as he was drinking alcohol at the same time, a dangerous combination. The sicker he became the more he drank, a vicious cycle developed. He got himself into medical trouble and almost lost his life… long story. After coming out of detox for both methadone and alcohol he had a lot of anxiety, depression, His appetite was poor, he was nauseated, and he has exaggerated tremors. His entire head will bob. If he stops his head, his left arm jumps. If he listens to music it stops, being nervous makes it worse. It’s a tough situation for him. He wanted to smoke pot to relieve some of his withdrawal symptoms, but that was not acceptable. He told me about CBD So I decided to do some research.

I came across Matt and Ally’s website, read the reviews, and every article on their page. I looked at some other people’s product, but it seemed they were always mixed with something else. I chose to order the CBD oil from Matt and Ally hoping it would help my son. It has made an amazing difference. It not only stops the tremors, it made a huge difference in his anxiety, and appetite. He said within 30 minutes he could tell the difference. He also smokes fewer cigarettes. And his inflamed liver is much better (another thing CBD helps with). He takes it three times a day; 7 drops twice and 14 at night. (He is also taking Vivitrol injections, melatonin at night and a product for stress that is a mixture of herbs, along with some Chinese herbs for insomnia.) Those seem to be helping him as well but he says the CBD is the most noticeable help. He is now 59 days sober and I see more improvement every day in his health and happiness. I can honestly say that his withdrawal symptoms have been much better because of the CBD. He goes through it faster than I would like for the price, but it helps him too much to not buy it for him. Nothing makes me happier than to see him eat and smile, it’s been a hard road.

I hate medication and am a naturalist. Medications (although sometimes necessary) have so many side effects, herbs have few if any. Yet most physicians are so quick to give one and ignore the other. Maybe we can help change this by taking charge of our own health as much as possible. My son’s doctor just tried to give him an anti-seizure medicine for his tremors that was loaded with horrible side effects, when the CBD he is taking is working with no side effects. They had never heard of CBD. I am about to educate them. I also cannot say enough about Matt and Ally’s customer service. I have never experienced any better. They quickly respond, are so helpful, thorough, and generous. I completely trust them and their product. This is a big deal…Thank you, Matt and Ally!


"It’s changed my life. I live now, not just exist."


My name is Mike. I live in a small town in Michigan in the United States. I broke my neck playing football in high school. I was 16 years old. Since then I have had problems with my neck. A lot of pain every day. About 20 years ago I started having back pain that no doctor could explain. It became chronic.It took 15 years to find out I had Ankylosing Spondylitis. My spine is fusing together. I have constant pain. I have taken very strong narcotics for the pain, but over time they lose their effectiveness and I end up taking a stronger narcotic. A few years ago I started hearing about CBD as a treatment for many health problems including chronic pain. It’s connection to marihuana is controversial in the United States so it took some time to be able to order some. The quality is so varied here I ended up spending a lot of money for nothing. While looking on the internet I saw an ad for Ally’s CBD and decided I would try one more time to find a good quality CBD. Well, it turned out it was by far the highest quality CBD I have ever tried. It’s changed my life. I live now, not just exist. My wife is so happy. We go out now. I can sit through a movie. I can play with my grandkids. Thanks Ally! You gave me my life back. I will be a customer of yours for the rest of my life! Again, thanks so much!


“Ally was most helpful and gave me a lot of information.”


I read an article in a local newspaper by a lady who had seen a reduction in her tumors and had used the cbd oil. I contacted her via social media and she sent me the details of website. Made contact with Ally who was most helpful and gave me a lot of information. Products are always delivered promptly and the service is very reliable.
I am still in the early stages of treatment but I have confidence in the products to help me with my cancer journey. 


“All went over and above on providing assistance to me during the sale and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a great quality product, with great advice and genuinely caring help and service.”


My son was diagnosed with anxiety in early primary school, and this developed into depression in his early teens. He was prescribed antidepressants and tranquillisers (for sleep) which although helpful and probably necessary given the situation, seem like a lot of pharmaceutical products, especially for someone so young. This prompted me to start looking into alternatives and more natural remedies. I read up on CBD and thought it would help, and while I believe the answer to anxiety has many components, this has certainly been one of the contributing factors in my sons improvement.
CBD has helped my son. Also, Ally was very helpful in providing advice and service. She went over and above on providing assistance to me during the sale and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a great quality product, with great advice and genuinely caring help and service.


“Finding your site was a revelation. A supply of good oil which arrives when you say it will.”


I’ve been using CBD oil for about 2 years following steroid treatment for thyroid eye disease. I have had 2 long courses (9 months each) and have ended up with good eyes, but bone and tendon problems. I now have severe osteo arthritus of the lumber spine and two badly torn tendons in my left shoulder, which will probably need an operation.
The reason that I tried CBD oil is that I didn’t want any more of these drugs (naproxen.adcal and omeprozol), which were prescribed to help with the inflamation.
After trying CBD oil I did notice some improvement, but the supplies in the UK are usually dilute, expensive and unreliable. Finding your site was a revelation. A supply of good oil which arrives when you say it will.
Perhaps, to put some perspective on this, I am 62 years old, and now able to continue working, where as in the past I was virtually unable to do much. I work in building restoration and like to keep my hands on approach, including running up ladders and hard physical work.
I have spent many weeks researching CBD oil, thyroid problems (TPA UK is a good place to start) and endocrinology (we have a strong family history of gluten intolerance) and I am realizing that “natural medicine” is probably the best, away from the companies that keep you “ill”, and then have another drug to counter the side effects.
Please keep up the good work! 


“Ally is super friendly.”


Ally is super friendly. She answered all my questions and concerns in detail .
She responding immediately to all my questions about the product . She shipped it ASAP as well. The big surprise was getting an extra 10 ml bottle for free with my 50ml purchase. I have no reason to buy anywhere else. Product is pure!


“A great CBD. A+++++”



“I could tell the difference immediately and it has closed the gap that my current medication doesn’t handle.”


After some additional research, I learned that the CBD based on Hemp is pretty weak and not that helpful. I also learned that from use of the Hemp oil – not much help with my minor epilepsy. I was attracted to this product because of the use of real Cannabis vs Hemp. I was hopeful. I traded emails with the seller who is very responsive and the product was shipped very quickly from Europe – within 4-5 days. I could tell the difference immediately and it has closed the gap that my current medication doesn’t handle. I am taking 3 drops, 3 times a day andI have no feelings of anxiety/seizure. I may look to increase dose and lower my medications but I am very satisfied even at my current dosage.


“First time using CBD oil. Ally has been great in answering my questions and quickly too!She has been a big help.”



“I no longer need something to help me fall asleep at night.”


First off, I received this item to the U.S. in just 5 days. I have been using the product for 2 weeks now and my usual arthritis pain is all but gone. I no longer take my narcotic pain pills and seem to have more energy during the day. For the past few years I have needed something to help me fall asleep at night and I no longer need that. I take 4-6 drops before bedtime and have been easily falling asleep and sleeping good.


“Perfect seller. Honest, generous, and focused on customer satisfaction.This product is amazing for anxiety reduction!”



“Excellent product.”


The liquid drops pRomotes deep REM sleep and reduction of acid reflux. The vaporization has reduced my deep cough due to pleurisy. Will buy again, and again, and again.


“This is a great find!”


I love their product! I’m more than a month into treating my own pain and this is very effective. High Quality & No Side Effects. This is a great find!


“Ally rocks.”


Ally rocks, the best, she was helpful and personable. I’m taking this for health reasons. I haven’t noticed any changes in regards to why I’m taking it yet, but have noticed anxiety decrease completely if not gone. 


“Excellent product!”


Excellent product and great value!
I recently placed an another order and again it arrived within a couple of days. This really helps with the Chemo side effects, helps you relax and does much, much, more besides! Ally has been very helpful and attentive in answering any question I had promptly and courteously.


“Ally has been very helpful w/ my endless questions!”



“Excellent ability to answer any question I may have.”


I have tried tinctures from a few sellers & some a friend got through a dispensary. This is better than most. This product has helped relieve my anxiety/depression, helped with my ADHD, and has helped with aches and pains. Thanks Ally for your prompt service and excellent ability to answer any question I may have.


“Absolutely fantastic product. Received within 3 days. Highly recommended. I will not go anywhere else.”



"Great seller. This stuff works. Works quite well indeed."


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