Cannabis Oil Success Stories – Broken Neck, Opiate Addiction, and Multiple Tumors

Cannabis Oil Success Stories - the interview

Peggy Kennedy is one of the most amazing Cannabis Oil Success Stories Her car was hit by a truck. She was crushed with multiple broken bones including her neck broken in three places. This story is one of the most inspiring Cannabis Oil Success Stories I’ve heard over the years. She had to take a ton of pain killers and other meds that made her body even more broken. It took her 16 years to put herself back together with the use of Cannabis and Cannabis Oil.

Cannabis Oil Success Stories – How it all started 16 years ago

Peggy was in a car and the car was run over by a truck and drag down the road about a mile and a half. Her sister-in-law was killed.

She calls herself Humpty Dumpty Egg because of the extreme level of structural injuries that she sustained. The worst injury that she sustained was her neck was broken in three places. She was extremely lucky. She had a spectacular neurosurgeon that saved her life. As a result of that, though she spent the next 15 years not only having multiple surgeries, she was on 380 milligrams of morphine and various equivalent. She has a ton of allergies which she didn’t know until all of a sudden she got run over by a truck and needed a whole whack of pharmaceuticals she had never taken before.

So her accident was in 1999. By 2009 the doctors were starting to find tumors throughout her body in various different places. They started popping up and Peggy had heard that cannabis could help.

She tried smoking but that didn’t work for her. Then in 2013, her best friend was diagnosed with cancer and she said to Peggy that she’d been doing some research and found out a little bit more about cannabis and she said to Peggy: “You know I really think that this could help you”

So Peggy started doing more research Than at the end of 2013 she took a hit to the head which caused her a stroke. Her neurosurgeon (at this point Peggy was dealing with the stroke) said to her if she had ever considered using cannabis to heal. She still did not know what to do. Finally one of her specialists told her she needs to meet Jack Kungel. So she did and Jack explained everything. 

Peggy already had a background in nutrition and she’s studied it extensively in terms of eating healthy and using healthy products. So when she met Jack Kungel he taught her how to ingest it because that’s what she needed to do – to eat it. He taught how to grow cannabis as well as how to make her own medicine – cannabis oil. Jack is responsible for very actively spreading the word about the use of cannabis. He has helped a lot of people add their story to other Cannabis Oil Success Stories.

From that point, Peggy started searching to find a doctor that was willing to come on this journey with her. And she eventually found one.

When she started and got on to the cannabis oil it took her just about six months to get fully off of all of the medication the anti-inflammatories, pain meds, meds for high cholesterol, the Advil, etc and be entirely on the cannabis oil. Today she doesn’t even take an aspirin

In the beginning, Peggy thought that cannabis oil is going to just replace the pain meds in terms of dealing with her incredible pain. What she ended up discovering (and it took almost a year) is that not only does it control her pain and keeps the inflammation down but her neck doesn’t fall apart five times a day anymore. She still has trouble with her neck as it does “fall apart” but only once a week now instead of five times a day.

Also for the first time, after 20 years now Peggy is able to build a social life where she’s not at homesick all the time. She says it’s all thanks to cannabis oil.

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Cannabis Oil Success Stories - Broken Neck, Opiate Addiction, and Multiple Tumors
Matt Hrovatt

Matt Hrovatt

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