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Dark Chocolate with CBD – Cannabidiol 100mg

Delicious CBD Dark Chocolate with 100mg of CBD cannabidiol

We are very proud to announce Fine Dark Chocolate enhanced with CBD Cannabinoid Oil.

Suitable also for VEGANS.

Extracted from high level CBD cannabis flowers with one of the highest CBD values on the market CuredByNature’s CBD (cannabidiol) Oil adds a very gentle taste to a superior taste of cacao. Although you can taste CBD and the range of cannabinoids that cannabis plant has to offer the strong and sharp taste of Dark Chocolate takes over.

CBD grown organicaly

The CBD (cannabidiol) added to our products is made exclusively by us and is grown 100% organically on our farm with absolutely zero chemicals.

Made from CBD rich cannabis flowers from industrial hemp plant.

100g Belgian Dark Chocolate with 100mg of CBD (cannabidiol) has amazing therapeutic effects is a perfect gift.

15 piece Chocolate bar – each piece is 6,7 mg of CBD.

Taste of the CBD in a Dark Chocolate:

We use the finest Belgian Dark Chocolate with 71% of Cocoa.

Dark Chocolate has the most rich taste of all of the three (white, milk and dark chocolate). That is why the CBD taste and taste of all the other cannabinoids is very subtle and gentle.

Instructions to use:

  1. It is best to keep our CBD Dark Chocolate in a refrigerator
  2. We recommend taking 1 piece 3 times per day

Quality is where the difference is

We make CBD oil from the ground up so we can have full and total control over the quality of the products we give to our kids, our family and our friends. These are the exact same products that we sell. We do not sell anything we don’t make ourselves!

Shipping information:

All orders are sent the next business day with either Standard shipping  or DHL Express shipping depending on your choice at checkout.
All orders over $100 come with free DHL Express shipping with detailed tracking every step of the way.

Delivery times:

  • DHL Express shipping
    • 2 days to Europe
    • 3-4 days to the USA and Canada
    • 4-6 days for the rest of the World
  • Standard Shipping (from Europe via USPS)
    • 5 days to Europe
    • 7-12 days to the USA and Canada
    • 10-16 days for the rest of the World

100% legal

The CBD Oil used to make our CBD Chocolate is a dietary supplement and is 100% legal in all of the USA, Europe and most of the World.

Healthy Lifestyle is Super Important!

Although CBD has fantastic therapeutic effects and has helped many of our customers treat some hard health conditions it’s also important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We recommend avoiding fast food, pop soda, alcohol and cigarettes. 

It’s super important to always try to concentrate on the outcome (result) that you wish to get, not what you DON’T wish to get and a very positive mental state despite of the hard conditions one may be facing.

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